• What methods are available for payment of orders

    The methods available for payment are: ATM, MB Way, Credit Card and Paypal.

  • Is it possible to pay in cash or in physical store?

  • Is there an extra charge to the prices in force?

    No, the prices charged already contain VAT.

  • I cannot pay for my order, how do I proceed?

    If the payment method is Credit Card, make sure that you have 3DS active (a security measure that can be activated with your bank, where a code is sent via SMS to validate a payment). If you are unable to pay by any other method, please contact the Online Department.

    3D-Secure is an authentication system that provides even more security for online purchases using a debit or credit card. 3DS guarantees that an online payment is being made by the legitimate cardholder through the authentication method defined by your bank, usually a code sent by SMS (OTP) to be placed on the website or a confirmation request in your bank's APP, thus minimizing the risk of fraud and misuse. This service is mandatory as part of the entry into force of PSD2 – European Payment Services Directive, a European directive, which aims to align and reinforce security standards in online operations, through the mandatory 3DS for banks issuing cards. European Union. Banco de Portugal provides an infographic that shows in 3 steps how this strong authentication system helps keep your online purchases secure. For more information please contact your bank.

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