• What delivery methods are available?

    In Portugal you can choose home delivery (normal or overnight), delivery in Pick Up DPD Points or delivery in physical store. In countries outside Portugal, shipments are made via the DPD carrier.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    Shipping to mainland Portugal is free. Shipping is free to Azores and Madeira (Portugal) on orders of € 74.90 or more. Shipping costs to countries outside Portugal vary depending on the destination, which you can check below:

    Políticas de Entrega e Devolução l Políticas de entrega y devolución l Delivery and Return Policies
    País / região Country / regionEntrega DeliveryPortes de envio Cargos de envio Shipping CostsDevolução Devolución Returns
    Portugal ContinentalGratuita | FreeNão aplicável | No aplicable |
    Not applicable
    Recolha gratuita | Colección gratuita | Free collection
    Portugal IlhasGratuita se encomenda > 74,90€ | Gratuita si pedido > 74,90€ | Free if order > 74,90€9€ se encomenda < 74,90€ | 9€ si pedido < 74,90€ | 9€ if order < 74,90€
    Spain (España Continental)Gratuita | FreeNão aplicável | No aplicable |
    Not applicable

    Austria; Belgium; France; Netherlands; Germany; Luxembourg; Monaco; Poland; Czech RepublicGratuita se encomenda > 74,90€ | Gratuita si pedido > 74,90€ | Free if order > 74,90€9€ se encomenda < 74,90€ |9€ si pedido < 74,90€ | 9€ if order < 74,90€
    Bulgaria; Denmark; Slovakia; Slovenia; Estonia; Finland; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Romania; SwedenGratuita se encomenda > 99,90€ Gratuita si pedido > 99,90€ | Free if order > 99,90€9€ se encomenda < 99,90€ | 9€ si pedido < 99,90€ | 9€ if order < 99,90€
    Switzerland12€ se encomenda < 99,90€ | 12€ si pedido < 99,90€ | 12€ if order < 99,90€ A cargo do cliente | A cargo del cliente | In charge of the customer
    Croatia15€ se encomenda < 99,90€ | 15€ si pedido < 99,90€ | 15€ if order < 99,90€
    Iceland; NorwayRecolha gratuita | Colección gratuita | Free collection

    South Africa; Bosnia; South Korea; Côte Ivoire; United Arab Emirates; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Pakistan; Senegal; Servia; Singapore; Tunisia; TurkeyGratuita se encomenda > 149,90€ Gratuita si pedido > 149,90€ | Free if order > 149,90€25€ se encomenda < 149,90€ | 25€ si pedido < 149,90€ | 25€ if order < 149,90€ A cargo do cliente | A cargo del cliente | In charge of the customer
    Mexico30€ se encomenda < 149,90€ |30€ si pedido < 149,90€ | 30€ if order < 149,90€
    China; Georgia; Canary Islands; Indonesia; Kazakhstan; Macao; Malaysia; Maroc; Qatar; Thailand; TaiwanGratuita se encomenda > 199,90€ Gratuita si pedido > 199,90€ | Free if order > 199,90€ 40€ se encomenda < 199,90€ | 40€ si pedido < 199,90€ | 40€ if order < 199,90€
    Albania; Andorra; Angola; Saudi Arabia; ArgentinaGratuita se encomenda > 249,90€ |Gratuita si pedido > 249,90€ | Free if order > 249,90€50€ se encomenda < 249,90€ | 50€ si pedido < 249,90€ | 50€ if order < 249,90€
    Armenia; Australia; Azerbaijan; Bahrain; Belarus; Brazil; Cabo Verde; Chile; Cyprus; Colombia; Costa Rica; Bissau Guinea; Equatorial Guinea; Iraq; Japan; Kuwait; Macedonia; Malta; Mozambique; Moldavia; Montenegro; New Zealand; Oman; Paraguay; Peru; Porto Rico; San Marino; United States of America; Sudan; Ukraine; Uruguay; Venezuela

    Customs duties and charges:

    Lion of Porches Online orders to European Union countries include VAT at the current rate in their final price shown on each product in the online store. In extra-community orders, VAT is not included, so the commercial price of the product must be considered the value visible in each product.

    Extra-EU orders may be subject to VAT, Import Customs Duties or other taxes specific to each country, to be paid by the recipient upon receipt of the order in the country of destination. Orders placed through the Lion of Porches Online Store are carried out in accordance with the Incoterm Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU Delivery Duty Unpaid). This means that in extra-community orders, Lion of Porches does not include VAT on the final amount paid for the order or any customs duties and/or taxes. These rights / fees, if any, will always be paid by the customer. For more information on charges for delivering an online order to your country, please consult your local customs office.

  • How long does it take to deliver my order?

    Delivery times vary confirm the region (mainland Portugal and islands) and according to the country, you can consult all information here.

    We warn that the delivery times always depend on the availability of the products. The values ​​presented correspond to average data achieved under normal circumstances. In periods of special campaigns these periods can be exceeded. Contact us for information about the delivery date of your order.

  • How can I track my order?

    After the order is shipped, we will communicate the tracking number (shipping number associated with the shipment). With the tracking number, you can follow in real time the status of your order through the footer of our website under Tracking Orders or through the respective carriers' websites.

  • I was wrong / I want to change the delivery address, how do I proceed?

    To change your order address, contact the Online Department. The change is possible if the order has not yet been invoiced and / or shipped.

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